Symposium Speakers

Keynote Speakers:

  • Professor Joaquim Alves Gaspar, leading scholar in marine cartography from Lisbon/Portugal University,
  • Prof. Dr. Bayram Öztürk leading scholar in marine biology and Antarctic scientist from İstanbul University-Turkey,

Invited Speakers :

  • Prof. Dr. Dejanirah Couto, Maritime Historian, École Pratique des Hautes Études, France
  •  Prof. Dr. Aykut I. Ölçer, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, World Maritime University, Sweden
  • Prof. Dr. Rui Manuel Loureiro, Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes, Portugal
  • Dr. Sergey V. Reshetnyak, Honorary Polar Explorer, Chief Scientist-Advisor in the State Research Navigation-Hydrographic Institute (GNINGI), Russia
  • Ms. Semiha Öztürk, Secretary General, Turkish Marine Environmental Protection Association (TURMEPA)
  • Capt.(R) Micheal Barritt, Former Hydrographer of the Royal Navy, United Kingdom
  • Capt.(R) Jose Manuel Malhao Perreira, Maritime Historian, Navy Academy, Portugal


Main Topics:

• History of measuring and mapping of world seas and oceans,
• History of protecting marine environment, world oceans and waters,
• Precautions to be taken to protect world oceans and waters in general,
• History of technology for research in Oceans both at surface as well as in sea beds,
• History of research in the Arctic Seas.

Themes :

• History of mapping technology at sea (charts, portolans etc.),
• Examining the rules and regulations to protect marine environment in the history,
• Computers and oceanography,
• Protecting the world oceans and waters and live resources.

Submission Guidelines

• Due date for abstract submissions: 22 March 2019
• Abstract format: MSWord, 300-500 words
• Submit abstract electronically to R. Adm.(R) Dr. İbrahim AKIN at
• Abstracts will be selected after review by the members of the Scientific Committee
• Notification of acceptance: 12 April 2019
• Presentation format: Paper or MS PowerPoint

Registration Fee: There is no registration fee.

Sponsorship :




Please visit the Symposium homepage ( for Symposium Programme and the other details. For any enquiries, please contact: Symposium Secretary, R.Adm.(R) Dr. İbrahim AKIN at or

Symposium Co- Chairs:

• Prof. Dr. Oral Erdoğan, Rector of Pîrî Reis University (PRU)
• Admiral (R) Metin Ataç, 22. Chief of The Turkish Navy, Member of Board of Trustees of PRU
• Rear Admiral (R) Mustafa İpteş, Director of International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
• Robert Calcagno, Director General of Oceanographic Museum of Monaco


Organizing Committee:

• Prof. Dr. Oral Erdoğan, Rector of Pîrî Reis University
• Rear Admiral (R) Mustafa İpteş, Director of International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
• Dr. Nadia Ounais, Vice-president, Int. Affairs, Institut Océanographique, Fondation Albert Ier, Prince de Monaco
• Rear Admiral (R) Dr. İbrahim Akın, Director of Maritime History Research Centre of PRU
• Lec. Funda Songur, Deputy Director of Maritime History Research Centre of PRU, Ph.D Candidate
• Asst.Prof.Dr. Aydın Şıhmantepe, PRU
• Ms. Hülya Biren


International Scentific Committee :

Admiral (R) MetinAtaç, 22. Chief of The Turkish Navy, Board Member of PRU, President of the International Scientific Committee
Vice Admiral (R) Işık Biren
Prof. Dr. Bayram Öztürk, İstanbul University
Prof. Dr. Dejanirah Couto, École Pratique des Hautes Études
Prof. Dr. Sander Çalışal, PRU
Prof. Dr. Süleyman Özkaynak, PRU
Prof. Dr. Doğan Uçar, Istanbul Technical University
Prof. Dr. Bülent Arı, Turkish Higher Educational Council
Prof. Dr. Seigo Hashimoto, PRU
Dr. Erhan Gezgin, PRU
Dr. Hasan Bora Usluer, Galatasaray University
Capt. (R) Jose Manuel Malhao Perreira, Navy Academy
Capt. (R) Michael Barritt, Former Hydrographer of Royal Navy
Capt. (R) Albert Skip Theberge, Former Hydrographer of USN
Mr. Oğuz Aydemir, President of Foundation of Turkish Nautical Archeology (TINA)
Mr. Jeff Hakko, TINA
Mr Bülent Özükan, BOYUT Publishing Group